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I am an experienced public relations professional. My career began in television news which opened many other doors and has now led me to you. With more  than a decade of experience in media, crisis management, marketing and website development, I have what it takes to be the best friend your business or organization is needing.

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 I build websites, online courses, online communities.


Your website is the home of your brand. Building websites, courses & communities is my jam.


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Small Biz PR Strategies


Are you ready to get your brand in front of the right eyes? Attract the media? This course is for you.


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Small Biz Marketing & Public Relations Strategies


We all know where we want to go but how to get there is often the challenge. I can help with that.


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I spent a lot of time asking myself 'what is my GREAT'. My career started in TV News where I was a producer and reporter. I was also a Creative Director for nearly 16 years. I have a lot of things I can do well but what am I great at?

Turns out, I'm a phenomenal best friend. It's true. I'm an enneagram 6w7. The confidant, loyal to the death. 

I take my skills in web design, video editing, graphic design and public relations and become the best friend your business could ask for. I'm rooting for you and doing all I can to get you the attention you deserve (public relations). 

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"The person to know! She is real and knows that you are too! She cares about your name and your business and wants to make sure you are seen, heard and known by the right people. Professional, friendly and knowledgable in the public relations and marketing industry. Highly recommend."


Shannon Cunningham

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